During these next few weeks we hope to bring you a circle of…

During these next few weeks we hope to bring you a circle of support from our Avalon ambassadors. We will be sharing things that our friends are doing around the world to help you reduce stress, find opportunity to return to the body and deepen your capacity ✨

We are kicking off with our beautiful Australian friends @larazilibowitz and @benny_holloway who have shared two in house retreats with us and will be doing a third. They are going LIVE for a yoga class and concert in YOUR living room! ✨

Here are more details on their wonderful offering…✨ “From our sacred living room to yours, next Sunday we are going LIVE for a streamed yoga and music self-care session, as home support during these unprecedented times of uncertainty ✨

For 2 hours we will be uniting as a collective family to nest and find deep rest in the fertile field of the body, to unhook from looping storylines in the mind and dedicate essential time to nourish Soul ✨

This will be a guided yin yoga and psychic sleep visualisation paired with Benny’s soul-medicine sounds of voice and guitar ✨

Schedule the time, set up your space (and sound system – either speakers or good headphones) and get ready to be taken on a journey of mapping the mysteries of your inner majesty ✨

This will be in the format of an interactive Zoom webinar, so we’ll be able to see each other, breath together and chant as One, unbound by barriers of time and space ✨

However there are limited places! ✨

You must register in advance to reserve your place:
http://tiny.cc/yogasoundjourney (active link in @larazilibowitz bio) ✨

Cost is US$18 ✨

Sunday 29th March, 6pm AEST, 8am France, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden CET, 7am London UCT ✨

And if you’re unable to make it, if you register, the session will be recorded and sent to your inbox for you to enjoy in your own time ✨

We cannot wait to see all your beautiful faces in real-time so soon” ✨

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