Wellbeing Centre

“Your life is God’s gift to you, what you do with it is your gift to God”

Mother Theresa

Avalon is a unique building created for the purpose of personal development.

A state-of-the-art facility, within a 3000 acre Sanctuary, at the foothills to the idyllic Yorkshire Dales National Park. With extensive indoor and outdoor resources we are here to serve the inner voyage of mind, body, spirit. Set in the centre of the UK we have fantastic international transport links and are only 3 hours away from London by train. Our building was designed by Yiangou architects with interior design by Patrick Kinmonth.

Avalon Wellbeing Centre Building



Cantilevered Glass Fronted Studio with Surround Sound

Large Glass Fronted Studio with AV Equipment & Surround Sound

Meditation Pod

20m Clear Pool

Hydro-Massage Pool

Organic Shaped Sauna & Steam Rooms


Crystal Light Bed

Therapy Rooms

Relaxation Room + Conscious Library

Personal Training Studio

Utopia (designed by Sir Michael Hopkins; bistro, meeting rooms, large workshop space)

Meditation, Yoga, Pilates Equipment


Fire Temple

Sweat Lodge

Meditation Labyrinth

Wild Swimming Reservoir + Woodland Sauna

Cosmic Garden

3,000 Acres of Rolling Pastures + Woodland

Moon Baths 




Cantilevered Glass Fronted Studio with Surround Sound

Large Glass Fronted Studio with AV Equipment & Surround Sound

Meditation Pod

20m Clear Pool


Wyrd and Ubiquity

A unique offer for Retreat Providers

Wyrdoscope Offer

Broughton Sanctuary is able to offer a unique service to retreat groups - the ability to track the field of consciousness during your retreat, project the responsive field live on a screen* and receive a report after your retreat mapping the different elements of your retreat to shifts in the field.

This service is offered in partnership with Wyrd Research who are located at Broughton Sanctuary. Their work and technology is based on 28 years of research at Princeton University’s Engineering Anomalies Research lab.

Part of the service includes a loan of a Wyrdoscope Synchrony Detector, data analysis and production of a co-branded report. Contact info@gowyrd.org for more information.

More Information
  • An example of a report, generated at a recent Science and Consciousness event.
  • The Wyrdoscope technology used to track the field of consciousness
  • Consider a visit to Wyrd Experience during your retreat, where you can discover the power of your mind and the nature of our interconnectedness at the world’s only interactive consciousness lab.

*available from September 2024

Ubiquity Offer
Your retreat participants can get credit towards a graduate degree!

Broughton Sanctuary, in partnership with Ubiquity University, is able to offer participants in retreats the ability to get credits towards a Masters (MA or MSc) or Doctoral (PhD or DMin) degree with Ubiquity University. The amount of credits depends on the length of your retreat, each 2 days equalling 1 US credit (2 European credits). The participant will write an academic paper after the retreat and submit it to Ubiquity for credits.

There is no charge to the retreat provider for this service. If you would like to give your participants this opportunity, and enable existing Ubiquity University students to take your programme for credits, just let us know when booking your retreat. Ubiquity will then add your retreat to their calendar for students. A week prior to your retreat you would email your participants alerting them to this opportunity.

Participants who would like to benefit from this opportunity would contact: admissions@ubiquityuniversity.org

For more information about Ubiquity’s degree offers, click below.

Avalon Wellbeing Centre

An Oasis of Peace, Joy and Celebration

We aspire to be an incubator of creativity and passion to serve the world. A sanctuary where everyone who comes can connect with their deepest self and learn to exist within the compassionate awareness of oneness.