Avalon is a Sanctuary, an inspirational source in which to take refuge, to renew and transform.

At the heart of our philosophy is connection; connection with oneself, with others and with nature. Avalon provides a space to facilitate self-exploration - to enhance living by supporting new lifestyle habits, promoting empowering inner work and raising awareness. We seek to assist an ultimate art of being, to encourage lives to be lived in increased peace, prosperity and harmony. By providing an atmosphere of holistic and dynamic support we look to inspire you beyond into new fields of reality.


Our Approach

At the heart of Avalon is relationships

Relationship with ourselves.

Connecting to and being aware of our own self with warmth and kindness, listening to the inner call and becoming aware of the mind-body connection. Forgiving and healing ourselves so we can align with joy and peace; creating space to lead more fulfilling lives through a practice of self-care and development.

Relationship with others.

We have deep respect of who you are and where you are. At Avalon we value, support and encourage you with presence, awareness and humility to inspire you to new ways of being. We provide a non-dogmatic community space to connect and share with others in beautiful, meaningful ways.

Relationship with nature.

We believe that connecting to nature can be one of the most restorative and inspiring activities you can do. We believe it is important to remember who we are - a part of nature itself. Avalon is set on 3000 acres of beautiful countryside on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. From the fresh air you will breathe, the land you walk on or by connecting to the elements; the perspective and natural meditation nature gives goes beyond all else. At Avalon you can take time to pause and appreciate this extraordinary earth and appreciate the life we are living.

Hospitality from the Heart

We believe that true hospitality is heart based - building and nurturing supportive relationships with each other, our guests and communities. We do this through holding positive intention and being of service, giving space for individual needs in a mindful manner. We seek to create relationships based on trust, kindness, understanding and compassion.