We believe that the deepest meaning of our contemporary crisis is that it is giving birth to a new humanity.

The outlines of this new humanity are becoming clear. We are being invited into a world beyond dogma of all kinds and beyond the religious, political, economic and tribal divisions that have separated us for so long and caused so much suffering.

What Avalon and the Broughton Hall Estate are dedicated to are all the modalities of authentic spiritual inspiration, healing and simple, invigorating connection with nature that can prepare people to be channels of this new humanity.

We aspire to be an oasis of peace, joy and celebration, a sanctuary where everyone who comes can connect with their deepest self and an incubator of creativity and passion to serve the world.


Hospitality from the Heart

We believe that true hospitality is heart based - building and nurturing supportive relationships with each other, our guests and communities. We do this through holding positive intention and being of service, giving space for individual and retreat needs in a mindful manner. We seek to create relationships based on trust, kindness, understanding and compassion.