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kaye sutcliffe retreat
Kundalini Yoga Day Retreat with Kaye Sutcliffe
16th or 17th October 2021

The retreat draws on the ancient wisdom of the sacred Kundalini Yoga, which is a tried and tested technology that works with the whole system to promote wellbeing and personal growth. There is an emphasis to listen to your own body and work with what it is offering you, so there is no need to have prior experience of yoga, equally it is suitable for accomplished practitioners and meditators.

Science Consciousness Wyrd World Avalon Wellbeing Broughton Hall
Science and Consciousness - The Wyrd World of Mind and Matter
14th - 18th November 2021

The Purpose of the event is to learn about, experience and demonstrate the interconnectedness of human beings with each other and the world around us. The event will include working with the original equipment used in the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) Lab, which has now been set up at Broughton for the newly formed Institute for Science and Consciousness.

Past Retreats 2021

Lightworkers Activation Avalon Wellbeing Broughton Hall
Lightworker's Activation & Elemental Alchemy Retreat, Ookushana 
6th - 9th August 2021

We will be welcoming the density of this year to rise fully to be felt, and released in love, as we are held by our Mother Earth. We will be activating parts of us that are waiting to be ignited and awakening light codes and unique gifts within the powerful portal of Lion’s Gate.

Reconnect & Rewild, Tony Riddle 
18th - 22nd August 2021

Balance Holidays welcomes Tony Riddle as the leading expert on this programme. This special experience will bind the values of returning to the wild-nature to unlock your true potential. A space to rediscover a naturally restful and happy state, establishing a new point of view in a tranquil environment.

Zephyr Wildman Avalon Wellbeing Broughton Hall
Discover a Wilder Side of Yorkshire, Yoga & Meditation, Zephyr Wildman
23rd - 28th August

Zephyr is so excited to invite you to her latest discovery right here in her own back yard - Yorkshire. Join her to explore the practice of yoga and meditation.

Men Without Masks Avalon Wellbeing Broughton Hall
Men Without Masks
4th - 8th September 2021

A chance for men to come together to discuss the pressures we face, the gifts we can bring into the world and how we are stronger together as a collective group of brothers. You’ll be able to share and discuss openly with like-minded men in a safe, confidential and supportive environment.

Calisthenics Retreat Avalon Wellbeing Broughton Hall
Calisthenics Retreat
13th - 16th September 2021

Tim and Jacko from The School of Calisthenics provide face-to-face individualised movement screenings and assessments, and design personalised training programmes just for you.

Athlete Retreat, Suzie Richards
8th-12th September

A retreat for athletes who value rest. Nourish your mind and body in luxury so you can fully recharge. Do less to achieve more in races and life. This is an invitation to PAUSE. It is exhausting rushing from one race to the next, one season to the next.

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