"Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success"

Henry Ford

At Avalon we recognise that we need to build a new world. One that is built upon tolerance, compromise, care, love, compassion and responsibility. We are committed to welcoming diverse voices, both through space holders and attendees.

Honour Wisdom

We hope to hold many retreats with indigenous groups and elders such as the Guatemalan Mayan Elders that held space with us last year. They hold so much wisdom to share with with the world which we would like to provide a platform for.

Avalon Foundation

The Avalon Foundation provides space on retreats for people with lower incomes through discounted places and our ‘Angel Passes’ which provide fully complimentary spaces.

Strength Lies in Differences

We are very aware how the wellness community is made up a majority of white practitioners and leaders. We aim to provide and hold space for people from diverse backgrounds from all over the world.

Healing Deep Wounds

We recognise the painful history of many ethnicities and races, and that we have deep healing work to do on behalf of our ancestors, including that of the black history in Britain. We hope we can provide space to build bridges and raise awareness in the work that we do here.

An Oasis of Peace, Joy and Celebration

We aspire to be an incubator of creativity and passion to serve the world. A sanctuary where everyone who comes can connect with their deepest self and learn to exist within the compassionate awareness of oneness.