Return to Source, Find Your Reason For Being, Serve the World

Source is our true essence. It is 'Ourselves at the beginning of our story". It is unbound by our patterns of the past and it is where we can find new inspiration for the future. When we return to Source we return to our true nature. It is in this freedom of creativity that we can open our hearts to being of service to a greater good.

Chrysalis of Transformation

We believe that the deepest meaning of our contemporary crisis is that it is giving birth to a new humanity. We are seeing social, political, economic, environmental and spiritual breakdown but we are also seeing a breakthrough here too.

Serving a New Way of Life

We are here to help navigate this chaotic time of emergence. We endeavour to open up the lines of self discovery for each individual by providing the quality of resonance to connect and feel into a new way of being.

A Life Beyond

To help us truly thrive, within this time, we must go beyond our ancestral, cultural, familial programming and the predetermined sequences of behaviour that no longer serve us. We take what we have learned from the past, begin pulling from the future, and live it in the now.

The Art of Being

Our aim is to be here for you, offering support and guidance, whilst you learn how to suspend these patterns of the past and return to a place of inner stillness - you Return to Source.

Return to Source

It is here, in this inner stillness, where you remember who you truly are - a 'Source' of interconnected, universal energy that allows creativity to be free from the distracting stories that we attach to ourselves through cognitive thinking. It is here where you can find Your true purpose and discover how to take it out into the world.

Our Nature

When we remember that we are a part of Source and that we have an innate intelligence that can guide us, like flowers toward the light, we begin allowing our true nature to pour through. It is this true nature that can reveal where our unique passion meets the world’s greatest need. It is here where our purpose is discovered.

Field of Transformation

Source energy knows who you are, you just have to begin listening, seeing and hearing with new eyes and ears. We are here to provide the field that allows you to connect to yourself, others and all life through Source.

Thrive, And Help Thrive

We equip you with the necessary tools for you to discover your full connection with the You that is your Source and to take that into the world in service. It is when you are connected to Source that you can feel the unbounded creative energy that allows you to thrive, and help thrive.

Retreats at Avalon

Available to hire exclusively for retreat creators, event organisers, private gatherings and companies who care about their employees. Create your own retreat, let us curate a retreat for you or attend an upcoming retreat.