Science and Consciousness 2023: Wyrd Time

Sunday, November 19th to Thursday, Nov 23rd, 2023

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Wyrd Scientists Awarded Prize by Institute of Noetic Science for showing how consciousness exists beyond the brain! Hear all about it and meet them in-person at Science and Consciousness 2023! Following the success of the first two events of Science and Consciousness in 2021 and 2022, it is happening again in 2023, this time with a focus on the wyrd nature of time. What are the conditions under which we experience time in a non-linear way? How can we explain those experiences? What is the relevance of wyrd time to making a positive difference in the world?

This page allows you to book the accommodation for the event on the stunning 3000 acre Broughton Hall Sanctuary. Home to a magnificent 16th Century Historic House, and a collection of unique Holiday Homes: lovingly restored cottages, barns, farmhouses, gate houses and classic coaching inns, Broughton Sanctuary is the perfect base from which to experience all that the Science and Consciousness event has to offer.

If you’re still looking to book the course, click here for more information from Ubiquity University.


All rooms are listed for four nights with full board (including breakfast, lunch, dinner and light refreshments).

Please book your accommodation for the event below. Please note that these room prices are for single occupancy only. If you require double occupancy, then we can accommodate this within our King bedrooms. Please get in touch with Joanne from our Hospitality team who can advise on pricing for additional guests and make the booking for you. You can call Joanne on 01756 799608 or email

For any queries regarding booking please contact the Broughton Sanctuary Team on +44(0)1756799608 or

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