Awaken Your Creative Self Retreat with Tallulah Rendall

Friday 20th - Tuesday 24th October 2023

Break free from limitations; live an empowered life that is truly aligned with your deepest passions and purpose. Unlock the immense power of your creative potential by mastering the art of embodying and expressing your unique voice, dance, word, and art.

Join Singer-Songwriter, qualified Qi Gong Teacher, Sound Therapist and Creative Facilitator Tallulah Rendall and her team from 20-24th October 2023 at Avalon Wellbeing, the UK’s No.1 Retreat Centre, set amid a 3000-acre sanctuary of rolling meadow pastures, ancient woodland, heather moorland, wild reservoirs, and meandering rivers.

"Creativity is innate within us all, a form of inner breathing that inspires the soul to blossom."

"I thought I’d gone to write a poem but what actually happened was a transformative journey of self-discovery. I went to sleep that night with a huge smile on my face and woke up feeling like a completely different person."

Imogen O'Gorman

Retreat Outline

Our retreat will begin with Qi Gong as a means to: connect with our body and surroundings, regulate our nervous system, transform anxiety and dissociation.

From here, we will explore our relationship with our voice, using sound as a tool for relaxation, connection and healing; working towards singing, harmony, and improvisation.

We will incorporate dance, journaling and drawing using facilitated somatic practices to help individuals express themselves, process emotions, explore their unique way of seeing the world and cultivate practices for emotional hygiene.

By weaving together these creative strands you will cultivate aligned embodied heartfelt perception, leading to a deeper connection with yourself, others and ultimately supporting you to lead a happier, more nourishing and confident life.

This retreat is designed for those who want to overcome their limiting beliefs, traumas, building confidence or lack of experience in expressing themselves through their voice, dance, or art; blocks that can negatively impact your confidence and overall life experience.

“I have been privileged over the past 20 years to focus my life on creative expression. It is an honour to do this work and I truly believe that having a healthy relationship with our creative expression is fundamental to living a healthy, happy embodied and fully realised life.”


Example Schedule

Subject to change. Each day includes breakfast, lunch and dinner where applicable.

Day 1

Arrival 4pm and dinner.


Opening Circle & Sound Meditation.

Day 2

Qi Gong: Life force practice – (movement and awakening the voice).

Singing workshop. Voice as a tool for healing & calming the nervous system


Rest and free time: Avalon pool suite, swim, sauna, walks, massages.

Creative Facilitation: Guided meditation into creative process, exploring words & finding our own unique mantra).


Fire Temple Experience: drumming, song, dance.

Day 3

Qi Gong: Life force practice – (movement and awakening the voice).

Singing workshop Song. Exploring our voice through song (harmony & play) plus practical tools to help share our creative expression.


Rest and free time: Avalon pool suite, swim, sauna, walks, massages.

Headphones: Dancing Freedom with Sophie Bolton at the Stone Circle


Mantra Singing Circle & Sound Bath Meditation - using our voices as tools for healing.

Day 4

Qi Gong: Life force practice – (movement and awakening the voice).

Creative Facilitation Workshop: deeping into our journey with words plus wall drawing as a modality for collaborative expression.


Rest and free time: Avalon pool suite, swim, sauna, walks, massages.

Creativity Circle.


Integration through song, dance and sound meditation.

Day 5

Qi Gong: Life force practice – (movement and awakening the voice).

Closing circle.


Lunch and depart 2pm.

“Find the current and things will become clear, the way running water cleanses a rock”

Lao Tzu

Let go and discover the joy of your own voice

Tallulah is a vocal magician and will not only coax out of you your inner voice but will leave you surprised and delighted at what you can do. In my first session, I was amazed to find that I not only can sing but can sing in harmony! In my second session, I found myself singing harmonies in soprano (my voice is normally rather deep). Tallulah holds the space in such a way that you feel utterly supported and safe to experiment, let go and discover the joy of your own voice.

Sonia Inorbit


She is such a warm heart

I absolutely loved the way Tallulah holds space for creativity to flow! She is such a warm heart, making you feel instantly comfortable and at ease.  All the pieces of the journey she includes really support the process, from gentle movement to let energy flow, to sound healing, to allowing an open supportive space for free writing, and careful individual attention. If you are looking for a space to tap into your creativity – work with Tallulah!

Zoe Nash

Knowledge, playfulness and a kind approach

Tallulah manages to build bridges and inspire young and old alike. Participants are invited into exploring their own voice at their own pace, and before they know it, they are experiencing their first collective improvisation! She brings a great combination of knowledge of her craft, playfulness and a kind approach.

Rosalind J Turner

An extraordinary teacher and artist.

Tallulah is an extraordinary teacher and artist.  Her sound baths are unique in terms of the incredible beauty of her singing voice.  She creates and holds a calm, safe space for her clients to explore the healing power of sound.

Chrissy Sundt, Silver Linings Founder

I connected with my voice in a new way

As someone who usually only sings in the shower and is mortified to be overheard, I enjoyed Tallulah’s Harmonia workshop more than I could have believed possible! She is a wonderful facilitator, grounded, encouraging and loving. Under her guidance, I connected with my voice in a new way which I feel inspired to keep exploring and the whole group left the session humming and smiling.

Rosie Pendlebaby, Togetherness Festival


About Avalon Wellbeing

Awaken Your Creative Self will take place in Avalon, the UK’s leading, state-of-the-art wellbeing centre and beating heart of the Broughton Sanctuary. This stunning building is based on biophillic (organic) design with sacred geometry and the Fibonacci incorporated throughout. During your stay, you will have the opportunity to experience the unique Pool Suite: a low-chemical swimming pool looking out onto the adjacent woodland, a sauna, a steam room and hydrotherapy pool. There are many places beyond the building itself in the Sanctuary grounds to return to source, from meditation labyrinths, wild swimming reservoirs, a cosmic garden and much more.


About Broughton Sanctuary

The retreat will be held at the 3000-acre Broughton Sanctuary, situated in the very centre of the UK, in the foothills of The Yorkshire Dales and one of the most picturesque parts of the country. Established in 1097, Broughton Hall has been home to the Tempest family for over 900 years and enjoys a rich history stretching back over the millennium. Surrounding the historic Broughton Hall are formal gardens studded with statues, ponds, parterres and fountains offering a glimpse of 18th century fashion all set against contemporary architecture making the location a truly unique experience. The Broughton Sanctuary is home to one of Britain’s most exciting nature recovery projects, with an extensive tree-planting and rewilding programme. Broughton is a place dedicated to the journey of coming home and rewilding the spirit.


You will experience a feeling of ‘blissful seclusion’ yet Broughton Sanctuary and Avalon are well connected in terms of reach:

By Air

Leeds Bradford Airport: 40 minutes (24 miles): 40 minutes
Manchester Airport: 1 hour (55 miles)
Liverpool: 1 hour 15 minutes (69 miles)

By Train

The nearest train station is Skipton, (a 5-minute drive).
Trains from London Kings Cross are approximately 3 hours (direct and with a single quick change at Leeds).

By Car

Driving from London takes between 4-5 hours (traffic dependent).


Broughton Sanctuary, Skipton, Yorkshire, UK, BD23 3AE


Booking, Pricing and Accommodation

For more information on pricing, accommodation and how to book, please click the link below.

For any queries regarding booking, or to discuss payment plans, please contact Joanne Barrett on:
01756799608 or

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