UK3 - The Diamond Approach™

UK3 is the 3rd of 5 Diamond Approach™ groups in the UK.

It is a closed ongoing group that has been meeting since 2009.

Friday 31st March - Friday 7th April 2023

The Diamond Approach™ path is a contemporary spiritual teaching unfolding from the Ridhwan School for spiritual development. It helps us reveal the depths of who we are and what reality is through an engaged exploration of our immediate experience. This retreat will reveal the relationship of the human heart to its true beloved known in many traditions as the Absolute.
We offer an immense and precise body of knowledge about the nature of reality and the process of spiritual realisation. Rather than positing an end goal or condition, it points to an open-ended, continuous process of discovery.

Even nondual realisation is recognised as a step toward greater mysteries and forms of freedom. This leads to deepening realisation of the fullness of being human—a being who experientially embraces and expresses the totality of the cosmos in all its physical and spiritual dimensions. Our potential is to be free: to be anything, everything, or nothing at all, as we live the simplicity of ordinary life.

The central practice of Diamond Inquiry™ engages and explores our inner world such that each experience deepens and reveals its meaning. Over time, our experience is increasingly informed by innate qualities of our Being—love, joy, strength, will, compassion, and peace, among others—that have been hidden by unconscious beliefs and attitudes.

Along with verbal exploration, we use movement practices and breath work to engage the wisdom of the body in diamond inquiry. The Diamond Approach™ teachings are offered in an organic, deepening sequence for us to explore personally with others in groups. We learn from each other in these settings and are supported by the witnessing of fellow students.

The openness of this approach invites us to contact our own inner guidance—to discover and fulfill our potential in our own unique timing and way.

"What is the true nature of reality? And what is reality without the people or the individual consciousness that knows it?"

Hameed Ali, Ridhwan founder

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UK3 is the 3rd of 5 Diamond Approach™ groups in the UK. It is a closed ongoing group that has been meeting since 2009.

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