Tantric Mastermind for Couples
with Layla Martin

A six month sacred sexuality playground featuring two romantic, luxury retreats

Deepen your erotic and relational skills with renowned Tantra teacher Layla Martin

The first Tantric Mastermind for Couples retreat will be held at Avalon Wellbeing, Broughton Sanctuary from:
Friday, April 5 - Monday, April 8 2024

Over a 6-month container with Layla Martin and her senior VITA™ teachers, you’ll not only discover both foundational and advanced Tantra skills…

You’ll also be taught how to become the most incredible lovers for each other, enjoying the most deeply connected, pleasurable Tantric Sex…

And deepening the skills and techniques that train you in emotional, intimate and relational mastery…

Allowing you to continue falling in love over a lifetime.

“I learned to see my lover as a God and that is such a gift. It was so beautiful to see him at his most masculine and be seen as a Goddess.”

Bri and Mike


Discover what this incredible system can offer your relationship:

Exquisite next-level erotic experiences…
Deep emotional safety…
And a suite of tools and techniques to keep you engaged and falling in love over a lifetime.
Make this practice your own together.

Within the six months of the program, you will receive:

  • Two (2) live retreats (with the first being at Broughton Sanctuary from April 5-8, 2024!)
  • Core sexual skills classes
  • Relationship skills classes
  • Six epic date nights
  • An online learning platform

When you join The Tantric Mastermind, you receive exclusive access to two live, in-person retreats held in magnificent, luxury boutique locations. Deep connection and erotic passion combine to provide you with two profoundly intimate, romantic escapes, one at the beginning of your journey together and one at the end. Each retreat invites you to discover foundational and advanced Tantra skills and gives you a safe, seductive space to practice them in paradise.

During the first retreat held at Broughton Sanctuary, you’ll go on the romantic adventure of a lifetime, all based on Tantric sex foundations…

In classes, workshops and your own private practice in your bedroom, you and your partner will discover…

  • Erotic Meditations
  • Daily Morning Practices to Cultivate Desire
  • Sex Breathwork Techniques
  • Sexual and Intimate Healing Processes
  • Sex Rituals 101
  • Energy Circuits and Ecstatic Lovemaking

In the group room, you’ll be trained in erotic and intimate connection skills and given sex rituals and practices to do together in the privacy of your bedroom each evening.

This safe space will allow you to grow and explore in a comfortable way while receiving high level teaching, guidance and feedback.

Participation at the retreat at Broughton Sanctuary is only allowed when you join the full six month container.

About Layla Martin

Layla Martin is a visionary thought leader at the intersection of sexuality and spirituality. She's the founder of the VITA™ method, a Tantric Approach to sex, love and relationships, and has worked with over 13,000 paying clients.

Layla’s sexy new supplement line, MOOD™, is rapidly pioneering radical change in the sexual wellness industry in less than a year, serving women's most common needs based on Layla's 20+ years of working with thousands of clients.

Layla hosts This Tantric Life, a revolutionary podcast that debuted in the top 10 of Apple's Sexuality category. Cosmopolitan magazine calls her 'The Headmistress of Pleasure,' Women's Health Magazine calls her 'The Sexpert Extraordinaire,' and she's even responsible for getting a Fox News anchor to say "yoni massage" live on air.

Layla has practiced Tantra for over 20 years, studied Human Biology at Stanford University and still has a hard time not spilling things all over herself when she eats.

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About Broughton Sanctuary

Tantric Mastermind will be held at the 3000-acre Broughton Sanctuary, situated in the very centre of the UK, in the foothills of The Yorkshire Dales and one of the most picturesque parts of the country. Established in 1097, Broughton Hall has been home to the Tempest family for over 900 years and enjoys a rich history stretching back over the millennium. Surrounding the historic Broughton Hall are formal gardens studded with statues, ponds, parterres and fountains offering a glimpse of 18th century fashion all set against contemporary architecture making the location a truly unique experience. The Broughton Sanctuary is home to one of Britain’s most exciting nature recovery projects, with an extensive tree-planting and rewilding programme. Broughton is a place dedicated to the journey of coming home and rewilding the spirit.

About Avalon Wellbeing

Tantric Mastermind will take place in Avalon, the UK’s leading, state-of-the-art wellbeing centre and beating heart of Broughton Sanctuary. This stunning building is based on biophillic (organic) design with sacred geometry and the Fibonacci incorporated throughout. During your stay, you will have the opportunity to experience the unique Pool Suite: a low-chemical swimming pool looking out onto the adjacent woodland, a sauna, a steam room and hydrotherapy pool. There are many places beyond the building itself in the Sanctuary grounds to return to source, from meditation labyrinths, wild swimming reservoirs, a cosmic garden and much more.