Circle of Light Calling all healers, light-workers, reiki …

Circle of Light ✨

Calling all healers, light-workers, reiki practitioners, faith healers, priests, priestesses and people of prayer! We have a calling to create a CIRCLE OF LIGHT ✨

Each day we will join energetically and remotely to channel healing energies to those in need. Be it individuals directly affected by COVID19, entire families, health, medical or care workers – or anyone needing extra support during this time. We will also put an intention/prayer forward for solutions to be found to ease and heal COVID19 ✨

We will ask our communities far and wide for any names to put forward and we will continually generate a list which we can focus and channel our energies towards each day, preferably together ‪at 8pm GMT‬. If not then, anytime you can do will be fine and I will give more detail on that separately ✨

Please send a DM or email me us at for more information, if you have names to add or if you would like to join! Welcoming people of all backgrounds and faiths to join together ✨

Please share this post so we can get as many people as possible involved! ✨


Artwork by @lukasdamgaard

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