We wanted to share with you this amazing support initiative …

We wanted to share with you this amazing support initiative for the NHS in the UK ✨

There is a FREE service providing a pack of the best quality immune supportive products for those on the frontline to use for prevention or in the onset of symptoms and alongside the usual treatment. Each pack contains Liposomal Vit C, D, Zinc, Andrographis, Turkey Tail mushroom and homeopathic remedies provided by Prince Charles’ homeopath ✨

The amazing thing is all these medics want to experience it ALL, even the homeopathy! They really get how essential it is to provide top quality immune support. As good internal immune support is effective at mopping up the high viral loads they are on the receiving in the work place ✨

We are in interesting times right now, and it would only be during a pandemic that such an opening like this could possilby happen. That the 2 worlds of medicine would work together and meet like this. Doctors in ICU, GP’s, Surgeons, nurses, virologists, medical researchers…the list goes on of those who have emailed asking for this support right now

What also has naturally been born from this initiative is that a study has been created by Dr Clare Relton a clinical trials expert, where stats will be drawn from this after the pandemic is through. The amazing thing, is for the first time, thousands of medics will have in their hands some of the best quality natural medicines to help them during this pandemic and will have a personal experience of how they work and feel. A well known consultant Dr Joseph Kwan at Imperial College Hospital in London, is putting his name against it too ✨

The team behind this are providing this service for free, but need to raise funds so they can pay the suppliers (70% discounted) for these immune support packs, to be sent directly to as many on the frontline in the NHS as possible ✨

If we all come together, even if people can only afford £5 right now – it will work and make a massive difference in enabling them to reach their target and provide these immune packs to many on the frontline ✨

Donate here: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/nhs-frontline-immune-support ✨

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